About Us | UCMORE Sneakers

Forget fast-fashion, predictable sneakers and shy designs. 

At UCMORE, we design shoes with personality, we create new lines in collaboration with personalities that inspire us and launch unique collections that match you.

UCMORE was launched to go beyond the predictable, to create with personality and launch unmissable lines and collaborations with people who live our brand and inspire us to be better

Created by passionate about footwear and entrepreneurship, today, UCMORE inspires, creates and shares without barriers.

Find out our unique designs, explore the shoes that accompany your active lifestyle and discover the fruits of our collaborations.

Focused on a philosophy of collaborations, UCMORE invests in creativity, innovation and plurality. Together, we create new lines, innovate with new concepts, colors and patterns, encourage the plurality of styles, personalities and ideas.

Values | UCMORE

Personality: You know who you are, what you want and you are not afraid to express yourself. Explore our collections, choose your style and show your personality to the world.

Collaboration: Collaboration is in our DNA. We designed exceptional sneakers in partnership with strong personalities and we create exclusive collections that combine style, comfort and creativity.

Integrity: We defend human rights at all stages of the process that leads UCMORE to you - from material suppliers to design, production and transportation, we guarantee that we only work with companies and integrity people who respect and defend human rights. 

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